Received: Tue, 11 Sept. 2001
From: "Peter V. Radatti"<>
Organization: CyberSoft, Inc.
Subject: General Alert

Dear CyberSoft customers,

By this time I am sure you have all heard about the attacks against the United States that occurred today. While there does not appear to be any cyberwar component to these attacks there is always the possibility of opportunistic attacks during this time of trouble. Please be aware of this possibility and take whatever steps are prudent for your company and yourselves.

If you believe that your network is being attacked from the Internet the fastest way to stop any potential damage from the attack is to disconnect your network from the Internet until the attack stops. Doing this could be as easy as unplugging the power to your CSU/DSU or the router.

If you have not already updated your software with the latest VDL files, please do so now. If we can do anything to help you or if you suspect a file may be a new unknown virus please contact us. You may always send virus samples to

Peter V. Radatti
CyberSoft, Inc.